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  • Two-Factor Authentication

    The de facto standard for protecting confidential data and records.

    DynaPass™ provides the only patented mobile two-factor authentication
    solution to combat the growing threat of data breach and identity theft.

    Tokenless - uses your mobile phone!
    Out-of-band authentication
    Low cost and maintenance
    Easy integration with existing systems
  • Compliance

    Federal standards mandate two-factor authentication.
    DynaPass™ meets and exceeds regulations.

  • Flexible & Scalable Security

    DynaPass™ is the clear choice for user authentication.

DynaPass™ Patented Solution

DynaPass™ U.S. Patent #6,993,658

DynaPass™ provides a patented two-factor authentication service relying on using an end user's mobile device as an authentication tool. Named to Red Herring’s Global 100 list Technology Products of 2010, DynaPass™ offers stronger security by leveraging the second factor, a mobile device, through an out-of-band channel.

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Mobile Authentication Benefits

More Than Just A Smart Security Solution

  • Compliant with new Federal Standards for authentication.
  • Reduce cost associated with compromised accounts and identity fraud
  • Eliminates the cost and need for tokens
  • Rapid integration and deployment
  • Reduced Help Desk Calls
  • Out-of-band authentication with zero-footprint

Compliant Two-Factor Authentication

DyanPass™ Offers an Effective Industry-wide Security Solution

We believe DynaPass™ offers a two-factor authentication solution that is applicable to any industry requiring user authentication. Many industries that collect and manage sensitive data are now required by law to implement multi-factor authentication to combat the growing threat of data breaches and financial losses.

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How Mobile Two-Factor Authentication Works

Mobile Authentication In Its Simplest Form

  1. step1 Standard login
    1. User enters standard credentials
  2. step2 OTP request
    2. An OTP request is sent to DynaPass server
  3. step3 OTP sent
    3. OTP is sent via SMS to user's mobile phone
  4. step4 OTP login
    4. User enters OTP which is verified by DynaPass server
  5. step5 access granted
    5. User is granted access

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