Education institutions are required to protect the privacy of electronic student information under the FERPA act.

Solutions for Security Management in Education

DynaPass is Compliant with Security Standards Defined by FERPA


Educational institutions collect, maintain and store volumes of sensitive information and have a responsibility, under the “The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act” (FERPA), to protect the privacy of students and parents when mananging and disclosing student record information. With education adapting to advancing technologies like other industries, student records are now stored as electronic student records compounding the problems of privacy and security associated with storing digital data, such as security breaches and unauthorized access.

Additionally, with the rise of online classes as well as student access to school online portals and web-based resources using their laptops, tablets and/or smartphones, student accounts become vulnerable to the same online attacks that affect all online accounts. Therefore, It is imperative that student accounts and records be protected by proper means of security and authentication to ensure confidentiality.

The DynaPass™ Authentication Solution

DynaPass™ enables universities and education institutions of all sizes to secure access to their confidential data and critical systems anytime by adding two-factor authentication, also called strong authentication. This method of authentication, using a second factor to verify identity, is a simple yet effective defense against online threats and unauthorized access. DynaPass™ is a token-free, on-demand one-time password authentication solution that delivers passwords to your phones via SMS text message, telephone call, or even email messages. Two-factor authentication is the defacto standard when it comes to user access security of sensitive data, and DynaPass™ is the only two-authentication solution using a mobile phone that is patented. (U.S. Patent #6,993,658)