DynaPass™ White Paper

User Authentication for Enterprise

We believe the demand for protecting data and authenticating users is growing as threats from hackers, malware, and man in the middle (MITM) attacks increasingly target users for their user names and passwords.  Regulatory compliance is also a growing concern for organizations seeking a compliant solution.  Static usernames and passwords are no longer enough to protect organizations and users against unauthorized access, hackers, and malware.  We believe two-factor authentication can be an easy and cost effective solution to security needs.

DynaPass™ uses any mobile device as a second authentication factor in user authentication. DynaPass' White Paper goes into detail on how our patented and scalable zero-footprint out-of-band solution can be the ideal solution for the mobile workforce and it covers how DynaPass two-factor authentication works, how it is implemented, and how it compares to other two-factor solutions.

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