"Security needs to adapt quickly to the advancing world of technology to ensure user privacy and security."

DynaPass One-Time Password

Strong Two Factor Authentication Enhances Your Security Process and Protects Against Unauthorized Access

DynaPass is a one-time password solution that is easy to use, easy to implement, and easy to manage.

A One-time password (OTP) is a password that is only valid for one time use. One-time password systems can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized users accessing restricted resources and are recognized as a stronger solution than a traditional static password. One time passwords are much more secure than traditional passwords because traditional static passwords can be easily guessed, forgotten and are more susceptible to fraud attacks. Unlike static passwords, one time password systems aren't susceptible to reply attacks because once a one-time password is used, it is no longer valid. One time passwords can either be sent to users via SMS text message or email and they can also be self generated using a physical or soft token.

DynaPass is the leading one time password token solution utilizing an out-of-band authentication method for identity protection. One time passwords are increasingly used in two factor authentication systems to improve system security as institutions have recognized that static username logins and passwords are not sufficient to protect against unauthorized access.

DynaPass offers a two factor authentication out of band method while generating a one-time password which can be utilized to prevent unauthorized access to restricted resources such as online bank accounts and electronic health records. One time passwords that are incorporated in two factor authentication systems can be very effective at reducing phishing attacks, malware, viruses and unauthorized access.

DynaPass provides strong two factor authentication which combines something you know (login credentials) and something you have (mobile phone) to verify a user's identity.

Low Cost Solution and Easy to Implement

DynaPass is easy to implement because it requires no additional hardware to deploy or manage so you can avoid the cost of distributing and maintaining physical tokens. Using DynaPass' two factor authentication, one time passwords are dynamically generated and sent to a user's own mobile phone.