Two-factor authentication mitigates the chance of data breach by providing strong user verification when accessing data remotely.

Remote Access Security

Enhance Your Remote Access Security With DynaPass

Key Benefits

  • No tokens, software or certificates to deploy and maintain
  • Enhanced security with 100% out of band authentication
  • Authentication via SMS text message
  • No additional hardware to install
  • Cost effective solution that is scalable

DynaPass™ can increase the security of your remote access network by deploying two-factor authentication system incorporationg our patented (U.S. patent #6,993,658) out-of-band authentication method using a dynamic one-time password that is sent via SMS to an authorized user's mobile device. With two factor authentication, a user enters their login credentials (something they know) and enters in a one-time password that is sent via SMS through their mobile device (something they have) to authenticate themselves. We believe that DynaPass™ is an effective and cost efficient way for organizations to authenticate their users because most users already own a mobile phone, which eliminates additional hardware costs, and a one-time password is sent from a a network separate from the organization's server which reduces the risk of malware attacks and man in the middle (MITM) attacks.

With more organizations making available remote access for their employees and customers, there is a need for stronger remote access security. Accessing sensitive information remotely from either home or other public locations puts an organization's network at more risk than if users were to access the information from within an organization. One of the major concerns of remotely accessing information is that data being accessed can be compromised and organizations need to have in place proper security controls to safeguard the data.

Stronger remote access security is demanded by many organizations and some government regulatory agencies, such as HIPAA and the FFIEC, have been recommending the increase for security and mandating the use of strong two factor authentication. Federal agencies are required to allow remote access only when deploying two factor authentication where one of the factors of authentication is provided by a device separate from the device gaining access to enhance remote access security.

To protect against potential data breaches and unauthorized access, organizations need to secure all components of the remote access network against expected threats. We believe that DynaPass' out-of-band authentication utilizing one time passwords can enhance remote access security and reduce threats by authenticating users using two factor authentication and limiting access to unauthorized persons to protect the integrity and privacy of sensitive information. Increase the security of your remote access network by using DynaPass™ which employs secure and reliable SAS 70 Type II servers with 99.99% uptime to enhance performance in remote access.