DynaPass Machine-to-Machine Authentication

Connected machine security for the electronic age.

“Ensuring end-to-end (M2M) security is going to being a significant industry challenge and the early movers in this space will likely see significant benefits for their efforts.”

Frost & Sullivan
M2M Security - The Need for a Holistic Approach
August 17, 2011

“In the first quarter of 2011, there were 23.9 million connected devices in the M2M (Machine to Machine)  market – a number that will grow to 82.5 million by 2016.”

(This figure does not include laptops, netbooks, notebooks, tablets and mifi.)
U.S. Telecom Wired and Wireless Sizing and Share 2011-2016

"AT&T recognizes that machine-to-machine isn’t just a new business opportunity — it’s actually two business opportunities. Consequently, AT&T has partitioned its M2M activities into two distinct teams: one targeting the enterprise and vertical applications and another that focuses on the burgeoning market for connected consumer devices."

SuperComm Daily News

We believe that M2M security in this age of wireless connectivity and advancing technology will be an untapped frontier that will become critical in ensuring the privacy of individuals and the integrity of data and machines in the years to come. Large amounts of data are currently being transmitted and collected from machines that operate in our daily lives such as patient monitoring devices, traffic lights and industrial systems. We believe that there will be an increasing market demand for a solution that protects this information and ensures that it is protected and used for its intended purposes, and not exploited by unauthorized users or breaches to machines and networks.

DynaPass™ is designed to provide the security level necessary to protect user privacy and data and machines from outside threats.