Two-Factor Authentication Today (TFA,2FA)

User Authentication to Meet the Security Demands of the Modern World

Mobile Two Factor AuthenticationDynapass™ provides two-factor authentication to safeguard confidential digital records or data and is applicable to all types of industries including: technology, internet, healthcare, education, financial services and subscription services. We believe that DynaPass' zero-footprint strong authentication is the solution when standard passwords just aren't enough to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

DynaPass™ provides the only patented user authentication service relying on an end user's mobile device as an authentication tool similar to a token. Dynapass™ utilizes a U.S. patent #6,993,658 to generate a dynamic one-time password that is delivered out-of-band to the user's mobile device by SMS. One-time dynamic passwords are created randomly and cannot be calculated or easily cracked. A high level of security is achieved because each password provided is only generated on request and valid for a short duration specified by the administrator.

2 factor authentication (2FA) provides improved security because it requires the user to meet two authentication factors. One of these factors could be a user name/password combination, which is something you know. A second factor could be a one-time password sent to a mobile device, which is something you have, similar to an ATM card. A third factor could be a user's fingerprint, voiceprint, or iris scan, which is something you are.

We believe that Dynapass™ offers stronger security by leveraging the second factor, a mobile device, through an out-of-band channel. Dynapass™ provides a cost effective way to approach user access, while providing a high level of security as an overlay to existing business applications and systems. Two-factor authentication solutions can reduce the incidence of online identity theft, phishing attacks and other online fraud because just having a password is no longer enough to prevent intruders from accessing your information.

Traditional authentication systems that depend on hardware tokens and hardware infrastructure are costly and complex for any organization. DynaPass' cloud based authentication, however, is cost effective, easy to deploy and may be scaled to meet the needs of your company. We beleive that DynaPass™ can reduce the ongoing maintenance and administrative costs associated with providing system security to protect data and users. Find out how DynaPass™ can benefit your company today.