The one and only patented mobile two-factor authentication solution compliant with U.S. government standards.

DynaPass™ Two-Factor Authentication

The One and Only U.S. Patented Mobile Authentication Solution

DynaPass™ utilizes a U.S. Patented (U.S. Patent #6,993,658), out-of-band authenticationAuthentication in which a different communication path than the primary communication path is used to verify a user's identity. method while generating a dynamic One-Time Password (OTP)A password that is valid for only one login session or transaction. . DynaPass™ opens a user account for a short period of time on request and sends a one-time password to the user's mobile phone. The mobile phone, similar to security token, provides a second authentication factor to verify the user's identity. This is a zero-footprint When no hardware or software is installed on the client side, and no trace of a session is left on the user's computer. and out-of-band strong authentication system that does not require additional hardware or software to be installed by the user. This helps prevent against man-in-the-middle attacksComputer attacks in which a user tries to intercept data exchanged between a sender and receiver., such as phishing schemes or malware, that may occur during standard password authentication. Nothing needs to be installed on the user’s computer, and the user does not need anything else besides a mobile phone, which is owned by 85% of the U.S. population.

As the internet and mobile devices become an integral part of people's daily lives, their personal information is increasingly being stored, managed, and exchanged in an electronic environment that is vulnerable to attacks and exploitation. Online accounts are created continually everyday with personally identifiable information, such as credit card and social security numbers, being collected and managed by businesses and institutions. We believe that It has become more critical than ever for organizations in any industry to verify the identity of a user trying to access an account in order to protect the privacy of individuals and prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

We believe DynaPass™ can provide the two-factor authentication solution that enterprises need for user authentication and will easily integrate into any existing system. Two-factor authentication, also called strong authentication, helps defend against online attacks, such as man-in-the middle attacks, and is a federally mandated method for user authentication when protecting sensitive data in certain industries such as healthcare, financial institutions and education. DynaPass™ uses your mobile phone in the authentication process making the need for tokens obsolete and reducing security cost. The DynaPass™ system also provides additional security by overlaying a user defined prefix and/or suffix that is added to the one-time password. This extra layer of security protects against attacks that may occur in the event your mobile device is lost or stolen.

We believe that DynaPass™ is an extremely economical way for enterprises with many users to rapidly confirm identity prior to access of their accounts or other vital information. An additional advantage is that by using the SMS system, there is little need for concern about wireless bandwidth. The entire authentication process is completely out- of-band, which protects against malware being installed on your computer.

Increasingly, more regulatory agencies are mandating at least two-factor authentication for access to confidential records. This includes federal organizations like HIPAA (Healthcare), FFEIC (Financial Institutions), SOX (Accounting and Legal), and FERPA (Education). DynaPass meets or exceeds all the security requirements for user authentication.