"Innovative security solutions to provide flexible and secure access for small to enterprise systems."

Cloud-Based Solutions

Flexibility with Protected Access

DynaPass Cloud-Based Solutions provide a cost effective, flexible, and protected access to existing applications and systems. DynaPass Cloud-Based Solutions is fast and simple to configure – ideal for companies who seek to have a hosted solution without having to incur the cost associated with a dedicated platform.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – no dedicated hardware and IT needed
  • DynaPass as a Service – enables you to pay per user or per transaction.
  • Data Security – less data to store on vulnerable devices

Server-Based Solutions

Flexibility with Protected Access

DynaPass™ Server-Based Solutions provide flexible and protected access to existing applications and systems. DynaPass™ managed server-based solutions are easy to configure – ideal for companies who seek to have a dedicated solution to enhance their existing dedicated applications and system that they current manage.

  • Increase Enterprise Security – Gain greater control over access to current dedicated environment
  • Flexibility – Access data within your current environment without the need of outside support
  • Agility - Ensure business continuity during third party server interruptions

Machine-to-Machine Solutions (In development)

Innovative, protected, and Efficient

We believe that DynaPass™ Machine-to-Machine Solutions will provide an innovative, protected , and efficient means of communication for connected devices. The key to a machine-to-machine solution is automation through networked intelligence. Streamlining operational cost can not only reduce the cost associated with human capital but also alleviate the mistakes associated with human error. With DynaPass™ Machine-to-Machine, companies can automate the authentication process across multiple channels and networks and even through dedicated secure gateways.

  • Preventative Security – By collecting data on access patterns, alerts can be created to prevent future security breaches
  • Data Security – No human access to authentication process and password delivery
  • Reduced Overhead – Reduced number of human intermediaries

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